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Let me begin by saying that the goal of this site is to be the very best tattoo removal before and after pictures website on the internet. (Yes, the whole internet.) If you have any suggestions please drop me a line through the contact form. I'm open to any and all suggestions. I sincerely hope that the information on this website is helpful for you. There are some excellent resources that I suggest taking a look at. I'm completely unassociated with these resources and services that I recommend. I don't get any money for referrals or anything like that. Like I said, I'm just trying to make this site the best tattoo removal pictures site on the web.

There's only so much that you can tell by looking at a few (or hundreds) of tattoo removal before and after pictures. I suppose the most helpful thing about these pictures is that they can give you an idea of how many sessions are required to completely remove whatever kind of tattoo you have. Basically, the tattoo removal pictures on this website should help you get an idea of what kind of progress you can see with each tattoo removal session. If you're removing an entire back full of tattoos it's obviously going to take longer than if you're removing an ex-husband's name that used to be under where you wore your wedding ring.

The main questions that people come to this site with are:

  • how much do tattoo removals cost?
  • how much does it hurt to get a tattoo removed?
  • how long does it take to get a tattoo removed?
  • where can I get the best deal on a tattoo removal in my area?

The good news is that there are pretty straightforward answers to all of these questions and I'm going to give them to you right now. Before I get too far into these answers I want to give a shout out to a solid website called Dr. TATToff. A fair amount of the pictures on this site can from their clinic. It looks like they're going a really goof job over there. I have no affiliation with Dr. TATToff. I can just appreciate that they have a very helpful website and seem extremely knowlegeable and transparent about what they're doing. They have a really great secion on their website about how tattoo removal works. Unfortunately, they only have offices in Dallas and Southern California. So, if you're anywhere near Dallas or Southern California I absolutely recommend checking them out. Now, onto the tattoo removal cost portion of this front page.

how much does tattoo removal cost?

The cost of a tattoo removal varies, but you already knew that. What you're looking for are specific examples, and even better - examples that are the same as the tattoo you're thinking about getting removed. A great resource that I recommend everyone go to is a website called It's sort of a funny name, but basically the idea is that real people leave legitimately useful comments about everything from elective cosmetic surgeries, to laser hair removal to tattoo removal services in their area. The idea is that if you live in a suburb of Atlanta, it's not really going to help you to hear about the best places to get tattoos removed in Los Angeles. And vice-versa, if you live in LA, you don't really care about the best places to get tattoos removed in Atlanta. The purpose of the Real Self website is for people to be able to connect with people in their same area that have gone through similar procedures and experiences.

There are other sites on the internet that have user submitted reviews. There's basically everything from people reviewing books and golf bags on to restaurant reviews on Yelp. Essentially, even though there are countless places online to get user submitted reviews, different places have different specialties. So, just because you might be able to find some tattoo removal reviews on doesn't mean that's the best place to get your information about tattoo removal. I'm explicitly telling you that the best spot for you to get information about tattoo removal is on Obviously, almost all tattoos are at least slightly different. If you want to get an extremely accurate estimate of how much it will cost to get your specific tattoo removed then the best recommendation is to setup a free appointment with a local doctor. There's an excellent chance that there is someone in your area who comes highly recommended who would be more than happy to meet with you to give you a free consultation about their services and procedures. During that meeting you'll be able to get a great idea of exactly what it will cost you to get your specific tattoo removed. You can even schedule appointments that work with your schedule.

For really specific answers to questions about tattoo removal costs there's a whole section on this website about that topic.

Where do I find a good tattoo removal doctor in my area?

There's an excellent resource for this and it ties in to the advice I gave earlier about determining how much tattoo removals cost. The answer to this question is to use a website called real self. If you're looking for the best selection and presentation of tattoo removal before and after pictures then I think you're on the correct site right now. However, if you now want to learn about the best way to find a doctor in your area then you should check out this site called real self that I keep talking about. Basically there are really helpful reviews that were left by people just like you who recently used these doctors in your area. Furthermore there's also a handy feature that'll help you sort through the doctors and find the ones that are best for you.

I recommend going a strategy that you might use if you were going to have someone paint your house. You might narrow your choices down to your top three based on past experiences and recommendations and then ask each painter for a bid or estimate of how much the service would cost. Of course there are some things that can be more important than price. Service and in particular results are two HUGE things that you'll want to keep in mind. Remember that just because something is the cheapest option doesn't make it the best option. There's a really big difference between cost and value. Unless you're a billionaire with infinitely deep pockets you almost certainly want the best value. Make sure you understand what you're paying for and that your expectations are in line with what will be delivered. Every day people go for the options they think will save them a few bucks and in the long run these choices often back fire. Just think about the saying penny wise and pound foolish. Don't waste a dollar trying to save a dime. If you have a botched procedure you might end up paying more in the long run and you'll definitely have to go through more of a hassle and potentially even more physical pain as these procedures add up both fiscally and physically.

I'm sorry that this explanation might seem like it drags on at times. I just want to be thorough. This might be the last time you ever come across this site, so I want to make sure that all the helpful information gets to you right now. It'd be a shame if you missed something just because I incorrectly thought it was too obvious to need to be typed. Let me cut to the chase. If you want to find reviews on tattoo removal doctor in your area check out this link:

If you want to actually hook up with a doctor in your area and get to know him and his operation beyond what the most recent reviews can tell you, there's a whole different page on this real self site that is specifically dedicated to helping you connect with a tattoo removal doctor in your area. It's pretty slick how they've set this up. You shouldn't even have to enter your address or zip code or anything. The web programming is able to give you recommendations based on your current location. The system can identify your current location (like Dallas, Texas), without you even telling it where you are. This is a little bit scary, but actually no big deal at all. For the most part all of the Big Brother privacy concerns of a generation or two ago seem to be almost entirely unfounded in a world where everyone is more than happy to post their latest weekend partying pictures on Facebook. Anyway, I'm getting off topic a little bit, but the point is that this is a super easy to use service and I personally think it's probably the best resource out there, on the web or otherwise. If you happen to know of a better resource, or if one gets developed after this post is published please don't hesitate to let me know. You can always get a hold of me through the contact form with any suggestions and updates you might know about it. The purpose of this site is to help people, and if you find it helpful at all, then by all means tell a friend about it and help me keep the most up to date information available on this site. Without further ado here's the link for finding tattoo removal doctors in your area.

Now that we have that taken care of we can get to some of the other pressing points about exactly what's involved with getting a tattoo removal taken care of.

Does getting a tattoo removed with a laser leave a scar?

The short answer is that, yes it can leave a scar. BUT, hopefully it doesn't. It depends on a number of factors including the specific skin that's being treated, type of tattoo being worked on, the person who is doing the removal and a host of other factors.

To read more about this subject please check out the page of this site completely devoting to addressing the question, "does getting a tattoo removed leave a scar?" It's on the page of this site called tattoo removal scars.

What about TCA peels? Is that an easy, cheaper, and less painful option?

Another issue that should be addressed is the common has to do with TCA peels. A TCA peel is basically a chemical peel. That sounds pretty rough. To me, that sounds like the sort of thing that would really tear through your skin. Well, not all chemical peels are skin eating acid that you might be imagining from some sort of late night horror movie. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people really do consider TCA peels as alternatives to laser tattoo removals. Most doctors do not recommend doing this, but these same doctors actually get money in their pockets when you use their services and no when you use a TCA peel. With that in mind it's probably a smart idea to take your doctor's advice about TCA peels. You can read more about this procedure on the TCA peels before and after page of this website. 

Check back soon as we'll consistently be updating this site with new sections as we address the myriad of concerns readers have about tattoo removal. If you have a question feel free to send it to us through out contact page.