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tattoo removal before and after pictures ring finger

It probably seemed like a good idea to get the name of your spouse tattooed on your ring finger underneath your wedding ring. If the wedding didn't work out, then you're probably regretting a few decisions right now. However, the ink on your finger is probably the most permanent visual reminder that you have about a series of decisions that you wish you'd handled a bit differently. Maybe you're worried about how painful it might be to get this tattoo removed. It's no secret that the finger area between your knuckles is a relatively sensitive area. The good news is that you're not talking about removing a tattoo that covers your entire back. Generally, the smaller the area that needs to be removed, the cheaper the price. As far as tattoo removal goes a name on your ring finger is probably about as cheap of a tattoo removal procedure as you can get. For more information on costs and resources for dependable local options please see those sections of thise website.